Communities and Real Estate Agents

55Living is always looking for partner communities both 55+ Communities and Life Care Communities, and partner agents so that we can best serve our families. 

Life Plan Communities: 55Living is an unique referral service focused on helping families through the process of moving to a Life Plan Community, when that is their determined goal.  With occupancy being one of the biggest challenges, we're here to help. When you partner with 55Living, your lead quality and conversion ratios improve, resulting in hirer occupancy. Send us an email so we can help raise your occupancy.

Real Estate Agents: Our goal is to pair families moving to a 55+ Community with a trusted partner, like you, to give them the confidence to make the perfect move forward. Send us an email so we can get started.

55+ Communities: Families are looking for the perfect home in a community that meets their social, cultural and recreational needs. We help bring increased visibility- and more potential new residents to your community. Send us an email so we can get started.