Life Plan Communities – Pennsylvania, Delaware & New Jersey Formerly Known AS Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

Are you a senior interested in living a worry-free lifestyle with some added amenities? You might want to consider a Life Plan Community. These communities formerly known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (or CCRCs) offer many different types of supportive housing options. From independent living cottages and apartments to studios to single-family homes, Life Plan Communities offer living for every stage of retirement. They provide a blend of many elements that may be attractive to retirees including housing, health care, recreation and social services.

continuing care retirement communitiesIf you're looking to move into a retirement community and never want to move again, you should consider a Life Plan Community. These communities are equipped for all types of needs so they can grow with you, ensuring you never have to change locations. Many Life Plan Communities in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey are certified to provide health related services. From home health care to therapy services to assisted living, these communities can tailor your program to your needs. Or if you do not need any health services now, you can always modify your plan later. And most Life Plan Communities allow for a short-term stay if full-time aid is needed only temporarily.

Life Plan Community Amenities

The amenities provided by Life Plan Communities vary from place to place but most of them include scheduled activities, educational programs, exercise and wellness centers, craft areas, dining services, libraries, transportation and spa services.

If you choose to live independently, you can opt for laundry and housekeeping services so that you can enjoy your days without the hassle of home maintenance. And you'll love the meals served in the dining rooms, often prepared by award-winning chefs.

Why Choose a Life Plan Community

Moving to a retirement community can be an emotional and sensitive subject for many seniors. Life Plan Communities often appeal to families because they offer everything they're looking for. You can enjoy private and independent living with optional social activities. And your family can rest easy knowing there are available on-site nursing services, if needed.

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