Popular 55+ Community Design Trends

Posted by David L Reibstein on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 at 1:00pm.

The most popular 55+ community design trends taking hold across America are making living spaces more accessible, safe, and efficient, ensuring an active and high quality of life retirement for adults. We keep an eye out on the latest trends in 55+ living and other communities, and here are some of the ongoing trends that have observed over the past year :

Recreation Is Essential for 55+ Living

The leading 55+ communities in America are generally designed around recreation opportunities. In many cases that includes a pool (or multiple pools), as well as golf courses, tennis courts walking and biking trails. Community centers or clubhouses provide a central location for social gatherings and other activities year round. Residents in 55+ communities want to live close to recreation that they can integrate into the daily routines throughout the year.

Many of the latest 55+ communities are making major investments in their recreation options, creating a resort-like feel on their properties. This emphasis on comfort and activity is expected to expand among existing and new communities.

Open Living Spaces

Residents in 55+ communities want lots of options for setting up their living spaces. This ensures easy mobility and access throughout homes. While many 55+ communities tend to have smaller, one story homes that are easier to maintain, their floor plans tend to use space well and offer many options for their owners whose needs may change over time.

Kitchens and living rooms as well as bathrooms and master bedrooms are all expected to easily lead into each other, minimizing the obstacles and doorways that could limit mobility.

Modern Living Spaces

When a retiree moves to a 55+ community, there is often a desire to take a step up in lifestyle and amenities even if the size is more manageable and the house itself is a single story. That means that builders are opting for modern design trends for kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces. They are updating the older homes and ensure that residents feel completely at home in their modern homes.

LED Lighting for Efficiency

Using efficient, low-cost lighting is an essential aspect of planning homes and apartments for retirement. Saving on electricity costs is only one benefit of LED lights. They are also a more natural source of light that doesn’t interrupt sleep cycles, leading to better sleeping on average. Many CCRC’s are also switching to LED lighting in order to take advantage of these benefits further driving the switch in this industry.

Technology Connections in 55+ Communities

USB ports and accessible power outlets are a top priority for baby boomers entering retirement with their smartphones, tablets, and other tech devices. Lights and other fixtures are incorporating USB charges when possible in order to make it convenient to charge devices. Outlets are being placed in locations that do not require bending over.

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