Are 55+ Communities with Golf Courses a Better Option?

Posted by David L Reibstein on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 at 1:12pm.

Golf remains one of the most popular activities for active adults in their retirement years. The designers of 55+ communities are well aware of this long time trend, and as they develop new communities for the baby boomer generation of retirees, golf is playing a central role in many communities. As we research 55+ communities and the current trends, we’ve noticed that 55+ communities with golf courses have several features and trends that are worth noticing.

Professionally Designed Golf Courses in 55+ Communities

In some cases, 55+ communities are consulting golf professionals in order to design their courses. This leads to a high level of play and makes the community all that more desirable for golf enthusiasts. If you’re interested in retiring at a place where you can keep your game at a high level, tapping into a higher level competition may be just the thing you need.

What Comes with Golf Courses

A golf course in a 55+ community often serves as a hub for activity. A clubhouse may also offer places to eat dinner or to share drinks with friends. Residents may host social events and other gatherings at a clubhouse. In addition, pools and other amenities are typically placed in close proximity to a clubhouse. All of this adds to the social dimension of a 55+ community with a golf course on site. Residents can easily access a wide variety of activities and social events where they can meet neighbors and catch up with friends. 

The Scenery of a Golf Course

Golf courses also provide the benefit of scenery and open spaces in a community. Walking paths along the golf courses are ideal places for leisurely strolls. Lunch or dinner at the clubhouse has the benefit of a clear view of the greens, trees, and flowers of the neighboring golf course.

Golfing Options When a 55+ Community Is in a City

Of course you can’t always find a golf course at a 55+ community. There may be locations where there simply isn’t enough space to develop a course next to the homes. In many cases the community is able to forge partnerships with local golf courses or members find their own course.

Whether or not you have a golf course within walking distance or a short drive from your home in a 55+ community, the trend across many communities is to offer more activities and more recreation opportunities. Golf is just one of the many benefits that we see our customers enjoying during their active retirement years. If you haven’t tried golf yet, your retirement years may provide the perfect opportunity to give it a try!

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3 Responses to "Are 55+ Communities with Golf Courses a Better Option?"

Gord Collins wrote: The golf communities in Florida are beautiful. My sister lived in one and went onto buy in Bradenton. Some of us babyboomers are still in really good shape. I would look for the safe, quiet lifestyle but I'm into more than golf. The developers should keep an open mind for tennis, cycling, jogging, and even a track for us fit guys!

Posted on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at 5:09pm.

Kiara Woodsland wrote: The best part of your article for me is when you talked about how you can expect scenery and open spaces in a golf course community which are ideal when you're strolling around. My mother once told me her interest in moving to a golf course community. This is because she can imagine herself enjoying walking in the open spaces of the property while appreciating the scenery. Now that I'm looking to buy her a property, I will make sure to consider all your tips.

Posted on Friday, January 26th, 2018 at 8:26pm.

Derek McDoogle wrote: I like that you said the trend is to have close recreation activities, like golf courses. I will have to tell my grandma this on Sunday when I see her. She is going to be moving soon, and could use some advice. I'm so glad I found your blog, it really has helped me out a lot!

Posted on Thursday, March 29th, 2018 at 1:04pm.

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