6 Steps for Showing Your House

Posted by David L Reibstein on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 at 10:56am.

When it’s time to sell your home in order to retire, there are a few steps every seller can take in order to make their homes stand out and more appealing to buyers. While staging your home for home buyers is certainly an up front investment that isn’t guaranteed to pay off, the odds are that your home will sell faster and for more money if you take these steps when preparing it for sale.

The First Impression for Home Buyers

When potential buyers pull up to the curb, do they see a well-trimmed yard, flowers, attractive landscaping, and a home that is in good repair? Sprucing up the paint, refreshing the mulch, and investing in a few flower pots can make a significant difference in improving your curb appeal and making your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Making a Grand Entrance for Home Buyers

What will buyers see when they approach your front door? Clean off the front porch and touch up the front door. Keep the front door and foyer area clear of clutter, dirt, and anything else that could prove less appealing for buyers.

Open your front door and try to put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. What is the first thing they see when they walk in? Is there a blank wall in their line of sight? Is there a couch too close to the entrance, making them feel boxed in? Make it easy for them to enter your home and have a positive experience.

Selling Your Home By Smell

After imagining what it’s like for a seller to walk into your home, take note of the what the seller may smell. There’s a good chance you may not be aware of how your home smells, and that’s why it’s common for realtors to suggest at least burning a candle or having some cinnamon sticks on hand. Go the extra mile by brewing some coffee or baking some cookies in order to offer a more pleasing experience for your potential buyers that also smells like home.

Begin Staging Your Home to Sell by Removing Clutter

Closets, the garage, and the basement can all collect piles and piles of stuff you no longer use over the years. In addition, your possessions can tend to become disorganized over the years as you struggle to keep up with them. Consider either moving all of your storage items to a temporary storage facility, clearing them out with a yard sale, or donate what you don’t need to a local Goodwill.

Minimize your personal items and remove any extra furniture that is not essential. Some have compared staging a house to setting up a hotel room or bed and breakfast room.

Make the Right Repairs and Upgrades

When it’s time to sell your home, you will need to invest some time and money into repairs, deep cleaning, and some upgrades that will make your home more appealing. This could be as simple as painting a central room, replacing the cabinet handles in your kitchen, or washing the woodwork.

Stage Your Home with Cozy Spaces

Set up your home with a series of cozy, conversation-friendly spaces by arranging your furniture so that they can imagine sitting down to talk after a long day. Leave spaces throughout your home that are clear to navigate so that buyers can easily move from one room to another without feeling trapped by cluttered furniture.

Leave essential furniture in place so that buyers can imagine living in your home, but not so much that the rooms feel empty.

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