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Seniors Staying SocialAs we get older, health conditions, mobility limitations or a lack of energy can keep us from being as socially active as we once were. A diminishing social life might happen gradually as close friends experience the same conditions and family members grow busy. We may not even notice how long it has been since we last spent time with a friend! Isolation has a number of physical and emotional health risks. Especially if you live by yourself, staying socially active is critical to enjoying a healthy lifestyle. 

Socialization Takes a Proactive Approach

Just like eating healthy and staying physically fit, socialization often requires some effort. In her article, “The Importance of Socializing at Senior Living Communities,” United Methodist Homes Vice

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Retirement trends among baby boomers have shifted by almost 17% in the past two decades. As the baby boomer generation plans for retirement living, the 59% who planned to move for retirement in 2000 has decreased down to 42%. The recession in 2008-2009 has limited some plans to move to retirement communities. However, only 62% of baby boomer homes are single story residences and only 45% are easy to maintain, meaning that relocation may still be an option for many active adults seeking to retire.

Here are a few options for relocation that we encourage our clients to consider.

Retire in a Single Story Home

Accessing the rooms in your home throughout retirement is essential for a high quality of life. Moving to a single story home, whether in a 55+

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According to the National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA), one in every 20 seniors fall victim to some kind of financial exploitation. Over the last decade, financial scams against seniors have increased significantly, becoming what many consider the crime of the 21st century. Sadly, in today’s society, we need to be on alert to the many risks to our financial safety as we age.

Scammers often target seniors because they have a perception that older adults are vulnerable, trusting and, on top of this, wealthy. While this stereotype of the older population is often false, there is some foundation for these ideas. Seniors grew up in a time when the technology scammers use didn’t exist yet. Without a full understanding of Internet safety,

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A Homeowners Association (HOA) is a small governing body for a community that is responsible for maintaining the community and providing important services and amenities. While there are some stories online about HOA’s that abuse their authority or make unreasonable demands, there are many excellent reasons why 55+ communities offer the service of an HOA. We wanted to share a few reasons why we tell our clients that an HOA is still a good idea for the majority of 55+ retirement communities.

Preventing Disputes through Clear Rules

Neighbors living with an HOA can benefit from having the ground rules of the community clearly set out for them. There are no surprises. There may be extenuating circumstances in some cases, however, residents in a

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Choosing the right location for an active retirement and a higher quality of living can hinge on a number of key factors that change year-in, year-out. When we advise our clients about their retirement living options, we point them toward several trends to keep their eyes on as they make their plans:

What Kind of Retirement Living Arrangement Do You Want?

The Philadelphia, PA region has a large number of 55+ Communities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC). A 55+ independent living community can be made up of condos, attached homes or single homes. They provide the privacy and space that many senior citizens desire, while also connecting them with an established community. There’s usually a homeowners association that manages

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