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Every senior citizen’s retirement plan today takes social security payments into account, but we are well aware that many of our clients aren’t counting on social security alone to support them throughout retirement.

Our clients have three or more income sources that they’re counting on to provide a steady income to finance their time in active adult communities (55+ Living Communities) or Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC’s). Here are a few of the most important financial planning tips we’ve come across.

Evaluate Financial Planners for Retirement

A good financial planner will help you set goals and advise you toward stocks and investments that will help you earn a reliable income over time. While a 401K can provide significant income

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The Value of OutdoorsSpending time outdoors can make a huge positive impact on the lives of seniors. In a world of complicated health issues, such a simple thing as going outside can make a big difference in our well-being. Spending time surrounded by nature is a great way to stay healthy, lighten your mood and interact with others in your community.

As we age, living situations, medical conditions, mobility issues and more can influence how we spend our time and limit our opportunities to get out and about. It’s not uncommon to experience increased boredom, loneliness, depression or lack of energy. However, research shows that time spent outdoors can alleviate sluggishness and provide a number of valuable mental and physical health benefits.

With warm, summer days

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Active adult living in a 55+ community or a retirement village where fellow retirees spend time together in close community may be one of the keys to a happy and healthy retirement. As we walk new retirees through their planning process, we always encourage them to make staying connected to a community a top priority.

Staying connected with family and making new friends typically involves taking on significant projects and healthy endeavors with those groups. Here are a few ways to make the most of your community when it’s time for your own retirement lifestyle planning:

Take Up a Major Project or Hobby

Service to others and helping family and friends with their needs have been linked to the happiness of retirees. Whether knitting blankets for

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Every move presents its challenges, but in the case of a move to a 55+ Living community, independent living community, or other senior living arrangement, the transition can prove challenging. One of the ways that we encourage families to walk through this season of life is to carefully invest in personalizing the home, condo, apartment, or room.

Here are a few ways that we advise families to personalize their living spaces:

Go for the Quick Decorating Wins

Look for curtains, towels, throw rugs, pictures, and lamps that can add color and warmth to the room. These are affordable ways to add a personal touch to a new living space without cracking open a can of paint.

While it’s always ideal to bring over pictures, furniture, and any other

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Today, more and more adults of retirement age are choosing to release the hassles of homeownership and move to a senior living community. Healthy seniors have a wide array of options to choose from, including senior-specific independent living communities or ones that boast a full continuum of care services. The latter, referred to as Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CCRCs, arguably offer seniors the most options for a healthy lifestyle now and in the future.

Considering the host of services and campus amenities CCRCs provide, it’s not surprising that the possibilities available at such a community are reflected in the cost. Many seniors looking into a CCRC for the first time may be surprised by the sticker-shock surrounding the entrance fee,

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Planning for retirement often involves big questions about where to live, what kind of community to choose, and whether it’s more viable to stay put or to sell a home. Those who sell their homes tend to retire in a 55+ community or a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community). The questions that determine where to live and what kind of community is best often boil down to the matter of creating a healthy lifestyle.

We often advise our clients that a healthy retirement lifestyle can be directly linked with the kind of community they choose. What kind of lifestyle will be the healthiest for your retirement years? Here are a few tips from the experts:

Stay Engaged for a Healthy Retirement

Studies continue to show that life spans are longer for

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