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Most of us have our own ideas about what senior living looks like. Many believe that “senior living community” is interchangeable with the term “nursing home,” but they are in fact two very different things. While many leading senior living communities do provide higher level healthcare services and assistance found in traditional nursing homes, they offer seniors so much more than simply age-related support. 

Today, leading senior living providers focus on delivering an ideal senior lifestyle, complete with comfort, freedom and options. Often, it takes a family visiting a community to actually dispel the myths they’ve believed about a community lifestyle. When this happens, senior living communities usually surpass expectations.Dispelling Myths

10 Common Myths

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scamWhile the retirement years can be a time of leisure activities, service to the community, and simplified living, there are also some added challenges. Scammers and con artists are often more likely to target the elderly and senior citizens because they believe the elderly are less likely to prosecute them or to alert their relatives.

As we walk our clients through their retirement planning options, guarding their finances is a major part of guaranteeing they can live in a retirement community or 55+ living community that matches their lifestyles. Here are a few of the most common scams to watch out for:

Spot These FREE Offers for Senior Citizens Scam

Any offer of a free vacation, vitamins, medical products, or services that would otherwise be

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So, you’ve decided to move to a retirement community. After a lot of thought, you’ve concluded that the convenience, comfort and peace of mind will simplify your lifestyle and let you enjoy the retirement you’ve worked hard to achieve. You’re one of many of today’s 55+ adults who feel the same way. Now you just need to choose – which community is right for you?

If you’re just starting your search, you might be thinking that all 55+ communities are the same. While it’s true that most senior living communities offer similar types of services, such as living accommodations, basic utilities and some kind of special programming, it’s safer to assume that no two communities are alike. Communities differ in what types of care services (if any) they offer,

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When we discuss comparisons of different independent living communities with families and individuals making different types of retirement plans, our conversations often cover a variety of options and choices that they didn’t even realize they had. This can be empowering for senior citizens who are retirement planning, but it can also prove overwhelming.

Here’s a brief overview of some senior living options that come up when comparing independent senior living communities:

Your Retirement Living Options

When walking families through their options for retirement, I like to make sure we’re on the same page about the independent living options that could range from apartment complexes to independent living communities and assisted living

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