March 2017

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Flexibility and AgingAlthough it’s commonly overlooked compared to more intense and result-driven exercises, flexibility plays an important role in allowing us to continue the independent lifestyle we enjoy.

As we get older, the physical changes that occur naturally in our bodies can keep us from doing what we love. Muscles shrink and their fibers decrease. Tendons lose their water content, making our bodies stiff and unable to tolerate stress. Unless we work to keep these parts of our body strong as we age, our flexibility will disappear.

Just like strength and endurance training, balance and flexibility exercise is just as vital to senior health and fitness. Indeed, muscle elasticity may be the most important physical quality when it comes to accomplishing day-to-day

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In the past three days, I attended two events that I think are very similar, though not obviously so.  This past Friday, I had the privilege of speaking to families that are considering moving to the Simpson House and Cornerstone, one an existing and one a soon to be built Life Plan Community or Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Yesterday, I attended my eight-year-old daughter's regional dance competition. The similarities are overwhelming, right?



On Friday after delivering my talk, I spoke with two different types of people. The first expressed concern about leaving their homes of more than 30 years, and even if they could leave, the amount of stuff that they wanted to take wouldn't fit in their new community. The

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Retirement IsolationMany retirees look forward to this new chapter of their lives with excitement, and rightly so. While retirement can offer adults a new lifestyle of freedom, opportunities and experiences, few of us consider how lonely this time can be. Especially for single adults or those whose spouse still works, the major changes to their daily environments, routines and social interactions can usher in a period of isolation unless they make an effort to stay socially active.

The Dangers of Isolation

Social engagement is just as important as all the other steps we take to remain physically and emotionally healthy. In fact, prolonged isolation and a constant feeling of loneliness can cause your health to plummet. According to a recent Health and Retirement study,

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