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Senior Homes ActivitiesWhen you were preparing for a previous move, you probably considered an almost infinite number factors when choosing your next home. Several categories probably included: location, school district, distance to work, walkability, surrounding homes, close to good medical care, distance to family members, distance from home, upcoming nuptials, expanding immediate family and your new neighborhood surrounds. And this is not nearly a complete list.

When it comes to moving to a 55+ community, three considerations rise to the top of the list:

  1. What is the ownership structure of my home?
  2. What is my plan for future care?
  3. How many activities am I looking for?

The Ownership Structure:

Independent senior living boils down to three basic

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seniors playing pickleball

How Do You Play: Pickelball

Introducing a series of blog posts that explain the rules of and perhaps some history of the different games and activities that can be found throughout independent living. The first activity that we'll delve into is Pickleball.

Pickleball is a racquet and ball game similar to tennis. It is combination of miniature tennis and oversized ping pong. Originating in the 1960s on Bainbridge Island Washington State, near Seattle, Pickelball is gaining tremendous popularity in 55+ active adult living communities.

What Is Pickleball?

The game is played on a badminton court either inside or outside, with a net that spans the width of the court close to the ground.  The players, either two or four, use paddles to hit a

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5 Reasons to Move to a 55+ Community

Here at 55Living, we understand the comfort of living in your own home and the anxiety moving might cause. But we'd like to highlight some of the reasons other active adults have loved moving to a 55+ community.

Comfort Zone- Out and Then Right Back In

In order to move out of your comfort zone, one either needs to be pushed out by something unpleasant or pulled out by something they're looking forward to. Let's acknowledge up front that moving is something that's hard to do and not for wimps. But let's put that aside for the moment. Here's a short list of things that are going to pull you towards and entice you into moving to a 55+ Community.

1. Events and Activities

Most 55+ active adult communities have events galore; you can have as

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55Living Retirement Home Search55Living believes that families thrive in community living. Therefore our process enables families to live their fullest lives in retirement.

But how does 55living's service do this? 55Living may have a lofty mission, but how is it different from other companies offering similar services?

55Living created a family centered process called MAPS (Moving Assistance Program System) that guides each family to a unique thoughtful decision about their future living situation. Our advisors focus on fewer clients so they can provide more attention to each family they serve.

What MAPS Can Do For You

MAPS' starts with the idea that when a family member comes to 55Living, they are not presumed to be ready to make a decision.  MAPS assesses what stage a

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