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Moving ConversationsAs we get closer to or further into our retirement, our plans for the future tend to become clearer. We may have helped our parents make important senior living decisions or discussed estate plans and financial affairs with a spouse. Perhaps grandchildren now shed new light on how we want to spend our later years. You may have already made the decision to move to a senior living community, either now or in a few years. However your plans have formed, one thing is certain: it’s vital to share your plan with your family.

Sometimes, family dynamics, communication styles or privacy concerns may make it difficult for parents and their adult children to discuss issues such as health, end-of-life care and moving. However, families who don’t share their plans

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CCRC vs Independent LivingIf you’re considering making a move to a senior living community, it can be initially difficult to wade through your options. Especially if you’re healthy and aren’t anticipating many medical issues in your future, the possibilities are even greater. Many healthy adults 55 and older end up choosing between purchasing a home in an independent living community or a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). While both community types offer great benefits for seniors, such as social activities, maintenance services and amenities, the long-term impact on residents’ lifestyles can be vastly different.

To help you understand the differences between buying into a CCRC and purchasing a home in an independent living or retirement community, we’ve gathered a

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Senior Living ResolutionThe beginning of a new year is a time for second chances, new commitments and goal-setting. Whether or not you make New Year’s resolutions, this January can be a time for you to examine your life and determine what you need to experience the senior living lifestyle you always wanted.

When you imagined your retirement years, what came to mind? Is there something lacking in your lifestyle, or are there goals you’ve yet to accomplish? What could make your senior years even better? These questions and more can help you create a mindset of achievement for the coming year and put you on the path to greater fulfillment.

In this article, we’ll offer some inspiration for making senior living resolutions that will help create the quality of life you deserve.

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Worry-Free RetirementFor those entering their retirement years, the future may feel full of possibilities. While your retirement should be a season of renewed enthusiasm for the purposes and pastimes that bring joy to your life, your retirement years can also be shadowed with uncertainty. Even if you’re in your best health now, the natural symptoms of aging can accelerate health issues as the years go by. We can never know what the future holds, but with foresight and good planning, we can erase the stress of worrying even if we’re prepared to handle it.

Senior living experts say it’s never too early to start making plans about your future care and even end-of-life wishes. Sorting out your legal, financial and healthcare affairs now can be extremely beneficial. You and

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Golf remains one of the most popular activities for active adults in their retirement years. The designers of 55+ communities are well aware of this long time trend, and as they develop new communities for the baby boomer generation of retirees, golf is playing a central role in many communities. As we research 55+ communities and the current trends, we’ve noticed that 55+ communities with golf courses have several features and trends that are worth noticing.

Professionally Designed Golf Courses in 55+ Communities

In some cases, 55+ communities are consulting golf professionals in order to design their courses. This leads to a high level of play and makes the community all that more desirable for golf enthusiasts. If you’re interested in retiring at

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Ways to Pay for Senior LivingFor seniors aspiring to a carefree retirement lifestyle at a senior living community, or families searching for the best living options for their older loved ones, there are plenty of options available today offering independent living, assisted living and memory care services. Most leading senior living communities offer a range of services and care levels, so the right kind of support is easy to find.

However, the ability to pay for senior living is not necessarily rising along with the supply and demand of this industry. Many families today are not confident about finding ways to cover the costs of community life and long-term care. This lack of confidence is not necessarily due to an impossibly high price of senior living, but more because families

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The most popular 55+ community design trends taking hold across America are making living spaces more accessible, safe, and efficient, ensuring an active and high quality of life retirement for adults. We keep an eye out on the latest trends in 55+ living and other communities, and here are some of the ongoing trends that have observed over the past year :

Recreation Is Essential for 55+ Living

The leading 55+ communities in America are generally designed around recreation opportunities. In many cases that includes a pool (or multiple pools), as well as golf courses, tennis courts walking and biking trails. Community centers or clubhouses provide a central location for social gatherings and other activities year round. Residents in 55+ communities

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Considerations Choosing a CCRCContinuing care retirement communities, commonly referred to as CCRCs, are among the most popular choices for seniors looking to retire to a community setting. CCRCs provide not just independent living with convenient amenities and services, such as home maintenance, meals, engagement programming and more, but also offer additional levels of healthcare services for if or when support needs develop. Many communities provide various levels of assisted living, rehabilitation services and memory care support. These options are ideal solutions for seniors who want peace of mind for their future. Now you just need to choose – which CCRC is right for you?

If you’re just starting your search, you might be thinking that all continuing care retirement

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Seniors Staying SocialAs we get older, health conditions, mobility limitations or a lack of energy can keep us from being as socially active as we once were. A diminishing social life might happen gradually as close friends experience the same conditions and family members grow busy. We may not even notice how long it has been since we last spent time with a friend! Isolation has a number of physical and emotional health risks. Especially if you live by yourself, staying socially active is critical to enjoying a healthy lifestyle. 

Socialization Takes a Proactive Approach

Just like eating healthy and staying physically fit, socialization often requires some effort. In her article, “The Importance of Socializing at Senior Living Communities,” United Methodist Homes Vice

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Retirement trends among baby boomers have shifted by almost 17% in the past two decades. As the baby boomer generation plans for retirement living, the 59% who planned to move for retirement in 2000 has decreased down to 42%. The recession in 2008-2009 has limited some plans to move to retirement communities. However, only 62% of baby boomer homes are single story residences and only 45% are easy to maintain, meaning that relocation may still be an option for many active adults seeking to retire.

Here are a few options for relocation that we encourage our clients to consider.

Retire in a Single Story Home

Accessing the rooms in your home throughout retirement is essential for a high quality of life. Moving to a single story home, whether in a 55+

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